These include a certified quality management system according to international standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 and the EC directives certificate in accordance with MDD93/42/EEC. Our global world needs standards to be trusted.

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SPINENDOS is always committed to providing the leading education and training programs for people from all fields. We believe that this commitment consists in our core services for professionals and patients, as well as our corporate social responsibility, thus driving us make contribution to improve peopleā€²s health care.

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About Us

we meet all the quality standards recognized internationally and accepted internationally and satisfy with our product quality.

Company Introduction

1Several German medical device companies and medical specialists founded SPINENDOS GmbH. SPINENDOS focuses on innovative technology, systems and methods for minimally invasive surgery.

Spine Endoscope

2Back and neck pain are among the most common reasons for visiting doctors. Apart from poor posture, prolonged sitting, lifting, repeated bending, obesity and injury from accidents, the degenerative diseases of the spine are some important contributing factors to back pain.


3Repair Service 1. We only replace what is defective 2. We only charge for the costs of the actual repairs 3. We use only original parts as replacements. 4. Contact your salesperson for any repair questions.


4We are happy to provide consultations regarding the surgical procedures, questions about our products and also offer technical support. Our highly competent staff will be happy to help.