Company Introduction

A few German medical companies and medical specialists build together the SPINENDOS GmbH. SPINENDOS focuses on innovative technologies, systems and methods for minimally invasive surgery especially on spine and arthrosis based on many years’ clinic experiences. Our company serves future trends with mature products, services and processes that support our global operations consistently. A highly qualified team in research and development and optimum equipment meet the highest standards in this area.

SPINENDOS as German-based developer, manufacturer and supplier of complete endoscopic instruments for minimally invasive spine surgery is always eager to meet the national and international requirements for medical devices. These include a certified quality management system according to international standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 and the EC directives certificate in accordance with MDD93/42/EEC. Our global world needs standards to be trusted. Day by day everybody at SPINENDOS is working according to the CE and FDA regulations. Globally networked structures enable us to act instantly and flexibly to provide a high quality service.

We always keep the best interests of our patients in mind . Building the relation to the medical experts is our important task, every time we provide doctors training courses and we have also built the training base in Germany and USA, from the doctors we are ready to hear the feedback about our instruments, and then we can improve our production technique and quality. The final complete surgical systems allow for the safest, robust and most cost-effective procedures.

The close contact with surgeons and medical professionals all over the world makes SPINENDOS an innovative company producing unique surgical instruments, implants, endoscopes and equipment of highest quality, made of German steel.

Company Vision

Spinendos has consistently adhered to innovation as its fundamental solution to clinical demands and practical cases. Today, clinical service keeps prospering and patients have increasing demands for health care. Under such circumstances, innovative concepts, revolutionary technologies and advanced products are proven to be the premium approach to the goal-“innovation for healthcare”.
The wide applications of innovative concepts, revolutionary technologies, and advanced products are facilitating the fast-growing demands on professional and high-quality education and training program. This education and training program tailored for doctors, relevant medical professionals and patients, not only can ensure the successful interpretation, introduction, mastery and application of such innovative concepts, revolutionary technologies, and advanced products, but also is a critical prerequisite and guarantee for safeguarding the interests of patients.

The wishes of our customers and partners, their satisfaction and trust are the trend for us. By highly motivated employees, strong service strategies, and expert advice and the highest quality care, we want our customers and partners more than just satisfactory.

Our employees have a keen sense of quality. Through innovation and training, we meet all the quality standards recognized internationally and accepted internationally and satisfy with our product quality.

The wide applications of innovative concepts, revolutionary technologies